Anthem is a nine month worship training school located in San Jose, CA where students have the opportunity to encounter world-class leaders and mentors to help them develop their unique gifts and passions in order to maximize their effectiveness for the Kingdom of God.  Anthem does this by: creating environments in which students can grow in their love for Jesus, develop the ability to lead themselves and others, and learn the skills required to effectively serve in worship ministry.  We combine individual and group instruction, with an emphasis on critique and incremental improvement toward excellence.

Learning takes place both in the classroom and in a variety of practical, hands-on ministry opportunities within their local church or the ministries of WestGate Church.  Students will grow in community with their peers as well as be linked up with seasoned worship leaders for encouragement and evaluation.  At Anthem, we aren’t simply interested in producing great singers or musicians, but rather servant-hearted lead worshipers who have a firm grasp of the Scriptures, can think critically and theologically, and can lead themselves and others effectively.  We believe these qualities of an Anthem graduate will not only make them employable, but will allow them to have a significant impact for the Kingdom of God.   

Thanks to God and what He did with Anthem, I’m more confident and equipped than I’ve ever been as a worship pastor. I’m a better singer, better leader, and I’m more engaged and in tune with the Spirit as I prepare, disciple, and lead. Praise God!
— Worship Pastor Billy Morin


Anthem is strategically located in the most unchurched region in America - the California Bay Area.  Home of Apple, Google, and other tech giants, the Bay Area is also one of the most influential, diverse, and creative places around.  We see Anthem not only as a training ground for worship ministry, but also a thrilling faith sharing adventure in the greatest mission field in our nation. 

We would love to help you with your next steps or with any questions you might have about Anthem.  Please contact us by email or phone and we will respond as quickly as possible.  You can also schedule a time to come by and tour the facility, or meet with an Anthem faculty member in person. 


Josh Fox - jfox@anthemschool.com

Josh serves on staff with WestGate Church, and is leading the launch of Anthem School of Worship, Anthem Worship Conference, and Anthem Songs.  Josh loves to laugh, play, write songs, teach, and see people encounter God in worship.  He has served in worship ministry for over 20 years, including leading and building teams with kids, youth, college, multi-generational congregations, as well as guest leading at universities, camps, and conferences.  Josh has recorded two albums of original songs with Grammy nominated producers Jason Ingram and Paul Mabury, and has several published songs.  Josh graduated from Western Seminary, and is pursuing a Doctorate in Ministry so he can keep up with Anthem students.  Josh is married to Danielle and they have two boys - London and Rylan. 


Mark Averill - maverill@anthemschool.com

Mark leads the worship ministry of WestGate Church, and is a primary vision shaper and instructor for Anthem School of Worship.  Mark has over 30 years experience in worship ministry, and his warm personality, quick wit, and ninja-like musicality make him a leadership pillar for the school.  Mark grew up listening to a wide variety of music, influenced by family members like his grandpa Lou, a conservatory-trained son of a circus musician!  Family gatherings were often a showcase of developing musicianship.  Mark’s desire is to invest his life into the next generation of worship leaders and musicians, leaving a legacy of God’s glory for years to come.  Mark attended Multnomah Bible College, and has a graduate degree from Portland State University.  Mark is married to Lisa and they have two boys - Grant and Taylor. 

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Edwin Kim - ekim@anthemschool.com

Edwin serves as the Assistant Director of Anthem, helping give oversight and support to our students and staff, and handling all administrative logistics. His strong background in teaching, worship leading, and multimedia make him a triple threat to the Anthem program. Edwin longs to see students progress and flourish as the leaders God is calling them to become. He loves to connect and collaborate with like-minded leaders and believes in developing others with a spirit of excellence. Edwin is a graduate of Northern California Bible College and when he's not in the office, you’ll find him experimenting on his guitar and pedals, creating oceans of ambient sounds with endless reverb and delay.  

Corinna Girard

Corinna is a worship leader at WestGate Church, and an instructor for Anthem.  She was born in Boston, MA but has lived in over fifty cities and four countries!  Corinna has quite a dynamic story, from a traumatic childhood to an encounter with God’s grace in 1994 that would alter the direction of her life forever.  She started her ministry as a missionary in West Africa, and it was there where she first taught herself to play guitar and began writing out her prayers as songs to God.  Since then God has led Corinna on a dynamic musical journey, leading worship at a church in Florida, gigging in several bands, including a jazz quintet, and now serving as a worship pastor in the Bay Area.  Corinna longs to create and experience worship that is intimate, vulnerable, and raw.  You can also find Corinna charging the waves in Santa Cruz.  She is married to a Frenchman named Sebastien, and they have two boys - Raphael and Matthieu. 

Charley Hoy - charley@venture.cc

Charley leads the Anthem Band Lab, and serves as the Worship Pastor at Venture Christian Church. His diverse experience as a worship leader, founding member of the rock band Nural, lead guitarist and songwriter has fueled his passion for both music and ministry. His greatest desire is to lead the local church into progressive worship with excellence and to connect individuals to a deeper relationship with God. Charley grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from Vanguard University with a BA in Religion. He values meaningful relationships, enjoys a great cup of coffee, loves guitar gear and exploring new places. He is married to his wife Britt, who is also a gifted worship leader, and they have 3 kids - Symphony, Soleil, and Fox.

Lorna Emata-Goodwin - lgoodwin@anthemschool.com

Lorna Emata-Goodwin is Anthem’s vocal instructor.  She is a multi-faceted artist, songwriter, vocal coach, session singer, and pianist.  Lorna has recorded two albums of original music.  As part of an exclusive team of certified teachers at Seth Riggs’ Speech Level Singing Int’l, Lorna finds tremendous joy in training students to find their own voice. Many have gone on to sing at Disney, on Broadway, and in television and movies.  Some of her students fill coveted spots at Boston Conservatory, Berklee College of Music, UCLA, USC, and others.  Her expertise and infectious personality have gained her the reputation of being one of the Bay Area’s best vocal coaches.

Steve Clifford

Steve has served as the lead pastor of WestGate Church since 2001 and is a guest instructor for Anthem.  Steve also serves as an adjunct professor at William Jessup University and Western Seminary.  Steve’s leadership journey began in Texas as a football coach, where he learned the art of motivating and developing others.  Since then, God has placed Steve in a number of pastoral leadership roles, including youth, college, worship, discipleship, and now as lead pastor who oversees the vision and teaching for WestGate.  Steve graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary and his combination of intellect and courageous vulnerability make him a highly effective communicator.  Steve likes anything with two wheels.  He also enjoys sports, especially golf and cycling.  He’s been married to his lovely wife, Dana, for more than 30 years and is thrilled to be “Pops” to his beautiful granddaughter and handsome grandson. Steve has been known to say, “I’m not what I ought to be, but thank God I am not what I used to be."


Dana Clifford

Dana leads the Anthem Discipleship course, and comes alongside students to help them take steps of growth in their own life with God. Dana serves on staff at Westgate Church as a Campus Pastor as well as leading the discipleship focus for the church. She serves out of her many years of walking with Jesus and being involved with multiple areas of ministry in the local church including students, young adults, women and teaching. WestGate is intentional about it's desire to guide others in their walk with Jesus with a process called Six40 Discipleship based on Luke 6:40, "A student is not above his teacher, but when a student is fully trained he will be like his teacher." Dana brings this process and focus to our Anthem students.

Andy Gridley

Andy Gridley serves as the WestGate South Hills Campus Pastor as well as heading up music production for WestGate and Anthem.  On any given week you may find Andy leading worship, teaching, leading the campus team, or in the studio producing music for some of the best artists in the Bay area.  At the heart of Andy’s creativity is the fundamental belief music should be experienced as transformational art rather than forgettable entertainment.  Andy recently produced the WestGate Christmas album, which raised over $17,000 toward clean water efforts in developing countries.  Andy is a gifted and creative leader, invoking vibrant growth wherever he invests.  Anthem students are sure to benefit from Andy’s leadership and experience.  He is married to Lynsie and they have two kids - Moses and Magnolia.

Mike Bell - mbell@anthemschool.com

Mike serves as Anthem School’s Music Theory Instructor.  Mike is a worship ministry veteran with a deep passion for Jesus and for helping students learn and love music theory.  He is a professional entertainer, seasoned keyboardist, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist with a broad educational background in classical, jazz and pop music.  Mike shares his love of music with his wife Sandi, a talented vocalist and entertainer.  He considers it one of his great blessings to be able to perform together with her.  Mike is father to Malia Clark, and grandfather to her precious girls, Tana and Juno.

Elise Yama

Elise serves as the worship leader for L2, the young adult community of WestGate church, and as a guest instructor for Anthem.  She also plays in the band Colorfair, leading worship at camps, retreats, and churches.  Elise is passionate about God, and has a deep desire to see the next generation connect to Jesus and community, and live out their Kingdom calling.  Elise grew up in the Bay Area, and spends ample time at Philz Coffee.  She loves getting creative with fashion, including hair dye… all colors!  Elise graduated from Cal Sate East Bay with a degree in Event Coordinating.  When not leading worship or designing her next fashion line, Elise can be found playing and skipping through Disneyland.


Vinny Passanisi

Raised in the SF Bay Area, Vinny is no stranger to innovation. His creativity and technical skills come in to play each week as he serves with WestGate Church as a technical director, music director, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Vinny’s role with Anthem is to help students with their original song projects as well as serve as a guest instructor to teach on foundations of live and studio sound. Vinny graduated from Belmont University with a degree in audio engineering. 

Kevan Long

Kevan serves as the production director for WestGate Church, and leads the Production workshop for Anthem.  His passion is to use technology to glorify God, and create engaging environments that help people encounter God.  Kevan has over twelve years experience developing and leading production teams in churches, as well as working with sound companies installing audio, visual, lighting systems.  He loves all things technical but his first "love" and biggest passion is sound.  He loves mixing and making all things sound their best from the PA to the backline.  Kevan loves being outdoors four wheeling, camping and fishing.  He is married to Michelle, and they have two kids - Kayla and Brayden. 


Dan Perkins

Dan leads the Anthem leadership course, and helps our students learn to lead themselves as well as those around them. Dan is a native of Northern California, and went to LIFE Pacific College. After graduating, he toured three years with a national musical-theater company and began an acting career in Hollywood where he met his wife of 32 years, Joy Lynn. Shorty after having their two daughters, Sara and Aubrey, Dan began a thirty-year journey as a minister. Currently, Dan serves as the Executive Pastor at Westgate Church in San Jose, California, and has served on the Board of Directors for Silicon Valley Triathlon Club and FCA - Endurance. He is a member of Compassion International’s Speaker’s Bureau and an advocate for ZERO Cancer.

Danielle Fox

Danielle serves as a guest instructor for Anthem, teaching on discipleship, leadership, and the Biblical narrative.  Danielle graduated from Biola University with degrees in Bible and Art and has her MFA from the Academy of Art in San Francisco.  Danielle has several years of experience in church and parachurch leadership, including designing and overseeing large scale worship services, incorporating fine art into worship gatherings as well as developing creative teams and arts culture within a church context.  Danielle has served as a professor and teacher at Bethany University, Monte Vista Christian School, and Baymonte School.  Danielle is married to Josh and they have two boys – London and Rylan.  

Jason Chi-en Lee

Jason serves as the guitar hero of Anthem.  While growing up as a teenager in Taiwan, Jason was blown away by the sheer power of rock music when he saw Bon Jovi playing on a bulky TV set.  Jason soon convinced his parents to get him a guitar, and would carry that guitar to school with him every day.  This set him on a musical faith journey that would eventually take him to the Musicians Institute in Hollywood.  After graduating from MI, Jason moved to the Bay Area and works as a full time guitar player.  Jason is not afraid to challenge himself and others toward excellence.  His primary influences include The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Robert Johnson, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Mile Davis, Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, as well as alternative rock, funk, country, and bluegrass influences.  Jason is married to Joan and they have a very cute puppy.


Dave Larson

Dave serves as a student counselor for Anthem students, making time to listen, pray with, and encourage them during their time of training and equipping. Dave has been on staff as the Care Pastor with WestGate Church for eleven years, reminding hurting people that God loves them, and is present with them, during difficult times. Being in ministry doesn't insulate us from times of trouble, so sometimes it's important to tackle life's challenges in order to worship more fully and lead others with the healing that God has provided. Dave is a graduate of Boise State University. He and his wife Felicia have three adult children - Drew, Christopher, and Amanda.


Anthem School of Worship is honored to partner with William Jessup University - a thriving, accredited Christian Liberal Arts University with a satellite campus conveniently located in San Jose, CA.  

Through our partnership, Anthem students can earn up to ten fully accredited units. These units can go toward a degree at William Jessup or another accredited university that provides similar courses. 

"William Jessup University is blessed to count WestGate Church as a church partner."  

- Todd Erickson (Vice-Provost: Enrollment and Strategic Initiatives WJU)

Anthem School also has a partnership program with Western Seminary for those wanting to continue their education at a discount.

How To Partner With Anthem 

Anthem wins when worship is thriving at your church.  We know you have the passion and capability to train worship leaders, but you might not have the time.  Here’s where Anthem comes in.  Let us come alongside your worship leader to train and equip them while they continue to serve at your church.  We’ll stay in touch with you to monitor their progress and make sure we are maximizing their growth.  You can help cover a portion or the full amount of their tuition or leave that part up to them.  We would love the opportunity to invest in your worship leaders!

Another way churches can partner with Anthem is to have a student from Anthem come to serve at your church for the nine months while they are in school.  With this arrangement, the student will serve at your church between seven and eight hours each week.  Once again, you have the opportunity to help the student with their cost of tuition if you’d like. 


At Anthem, we strive to bring you the best opportunities that are available for your career path as a Worship leader.  Our staff at Anthem have over thirty years experience serving churches in the Bay Area with worship ministry.  We are connected to literally hundreds of churches, and are contacted at least once a month with employment opportunities for our students.  It is our dream to not only train students, but to place them in churches as vocational worship pastors.  As needed, Anthem staff assist our students with resumes, promotional materials, and securing interviews with potential employers.