God used Anthem to not only grow my technical ability through things like vocal training, but also my leadership ability by giving me tools and knowledge to better steward my team and pastor our congregation spiritually from my platform as a worship leader.
— Worship Pastor Gabe Senbetu, Awakening Church


Fall 2017 applications due September 4th.

You can apply online to Anthem School of Worship whenever you’re ready.  Our staff is praying for you as you consider this important step.  Once we receive your application, video audition, and materials, we will schedule an interview with you either by phone, Skype, or in person.  We want this process to be as smooth as possible and will do everything we can to make that happen.


1. Fill out online application.
2. Submit 2 references (one from your pastor or worship leader and one personal reference).
3. Interview and audition (if applying from out of the area, interview will be via Skype / all auditions will be submitted via YouTube).
4. Provide a copy of your high school diploma or college degree as well as transcripts from each institution.
5. International students from a non-English speaking country must pass the TOEFL exam.


Submit any necessary items to:

Anthem School of Worship

℅ WestGate Church

6601 Camden Ave 

San Jose, CA 95120


For your audition, please prepare to play and/or sing 2 songs of varying styles.  One song will need to be a well known modern worship song.  We would like to get a sense of your unique style as well as your overall technical ability.  Please demonstrate your knowledge of chord charts, scales, grooves, harmonies, and anything else that might pertain to your instrument and experience.  Make sure to highlight your strengths with your audition. All auditions must be submitted via YouTube. Send to Josh Fox jfox@anthemschool.com



Application Fee - $0

Enrollment Fee (non refundable) - $500  will be applied toward tuition

Tuition Cost - $5000

Books and Equipment Fee - $500

Total - $5,500

Costs do not include housing.


Each student is required to bring a laptop (Mac OS X 10.9 w/ at least 4 - 8 GB RAM)

Personal expenses include food, entertainment, toiletries, etc.

Students are also required to bring their own instrument with the exception of drums. 


We now offer a "Host Home" opportunity for students in need of housing.  Our Host Homes are limited, so please contact us to check availability.  


Taking classes at William Jessup University at a discounted rate is a great way to maximize your development as a worship ministry ninja while knocking out your college education.  

William Jessup University online courses – $300/credit

Anthem students have a unique opportunity to enroll in William Jessup University online courses for a discounted rate of $300/unit.  If students enroll in 6 credit hours during any semester, they might be eligible for Federal financial aid. 


Anthem is now offering full and partial scholarships for students with financial need.  Please submit a letter along with your application, describing your need and reasons why you should receive a scholarship.  

We also encourage students to raise support as they would for a global missions trip by sending out support letters to family and friends.  

While you’re in Anthem, you will be serving between 25 - 30 hours every week in classes, lessons, rehearsals, and hands on ministry leadership experiences.  Part time work outside of Anthem is possible if necessary, but not ideal.  


All students who complete their year at Anthem will graduate with a Certificate of Worship Leadership, and Anthem staff will help each student develop a resume for future employment and opportunities for ministry.  

September 2017 - May 2018

September 4   Deadline for School Applications

September 11   Orientation Day

September 12   1st Day of School

November 10 Night of Worship

November 20 - November 26   Holiday

December 18 - December 21   Finals Week

December 22 - January 21   Christmas Break

January 22   Prayer & Vision Night

January 22 2nd Semester Begins

Feb 1 - Feb 2   Anthem Worship Conference

April 2 - April 8   Spring Break

April 30 - May 4 Finals Week

May 4   Graduation Ceremony

ANTHEM weekly schedule example: