My 5 year old often yells this sequence of numbers to me and shouts “LAUNCH!” with tremendous enthusiasm while throwing his paper airplane, stuffed monkey, or any number of projectiles through the air.  The accuracy and speed generated from his tiny hands are impressive.  The pleasure he gets from seeing his precious object take flight and hit a target is so fun to watch.  I’ve also learned to duck when necessary!


As the team and I launch ANTHEM school of worship, I feel a bit like my boy.  The excitement is palpable.  Our target is clear: we long to raise up the next generation of worship leaders, musicians, and production teams to develop their gifts and talents for the Kingdom of God.  We want so badly to help those with a passion for worship ministry get better at doing it.  But even more importantly, we long for them to get better at loving Jesus and living out the life of Jesus in their world.  When that happens, worship moves from singing a great song to living an even greater one – a living melody for the glory of God.  This is the song that changes the world, and is what makes the launch of ANTHEM worth all the prayer, effort, and risk.


We want to thank Doug Farrar and Brian Alphenaar at Ocean’s Edge School of Worship for being an amazing source of wisdom and encouragement.  Lincoln Brewster and Brandon Yip at Thrive School of Worship have also been a tremendous support to us.  We are beyond grateful for our friends and their humility and willingness to do whatever possible to help Anthem succeed for the Kingdom.  We also want to especially thank WestGate Church, our home church and home of Anthem.  It is a dream come true to have leadership who believe in Kingdom dreams much bigger than any one of us could imagine. 


If you or somebody you know could benefit from ANTHEM School of Worship, please point them our way. 



Josh Fox & the ANTHEM Team