Anthem Unleashed is an opportunity for worship leaders, musicians, and production teams to connect, be inspired, and equipped for effective worship ministry. The conference will include dynamic times of worship together as well as practical and passionate instruction from our special guests. We long to see people experience Jesus in the Bay Area by raising the temperature of worship. That’s why at Anthem we’re working together to create music, host events, and train the next generation. We hope you’ll join us for this experience!

Our Friday Night of Worship is designed for ANYONE to attend while our Saturday morning is geared toward worship ministry teams and leaders.







SATURDAY - 9:00AM-12:15PM

8:30am - Registration for Conference attendees

9:00am - 10:00am - Hillsong SF with Nathan Canto 

10:15am - 11:15am - Breakouts 

11:15am - 12:15pm - Lincoln Brewster

Friday, March 1

6:00pm Lobby open for Registration and Ticket sales

6:50pm Worship Center doors open

7:00pm-9:30pm - Night Of Worship featuring Lincoln Brewster, Josh Fox, Mark Averill, and Anthem School of Worship



Crafting Effective Worship Set Lists

Instructor: Mark Averill

Location: Anthem Creative Lab

Learn to create thoughtful, dynamic set lists that help your people encounter God in worship. Worship leaders will be given a matrix for set list design, including theology, thematic cohesion, dynamic range, and musical considerations like tempo, key, and lyrical diversity. Helpful templates will be provided from the Scriptures that leaders can use to plan their set, with or without a predetermined theme. This breakout will also include tips and tricks on how to communicate in between songs, as well as how to prepare a “60 second sermon.”

Empowering Youth In Worship

Instructor: Shelene Huey-Booker

Location: HSM

Jr High and Highschool students have incredible potential to be used by God to lead people in worship. Some of the most influential worship leaders in the world started out leading songs with their youth group. This breakout will focus on how to create a youth worship culture where students can belong, be developed, and express their God given musical gifts and passions. We’ll also talk through the unique challenges that come with working with youth and how to overcome those challenges.

Vocal Workshop

Instructor: Lorna Emata

Location: Theater

From beginner to advanced, this breakout will help you refine your voice to effectively lead worship. Well provide vocal techniques that will give you greater confidence wherever you’re called to lead. You’ll learn practical exercises to improve pitch, range, ability to sustain notes, and general ease of production. Attendees will be encouraged to not only find their unique voice but to celebrate it and emphasize its qualities.

Tech Talk

Instructor: Mike Dow

Location: Lounge

The production arts are a powerful medium for creating effective worship environments.  This breakout will help you better understand the dynamics of audio and multimedia technology in relation to the worship experience. You'll learn how to achieve a great audio mix for both the room and musicians, and create a cohesive look and feel with lighting and projection. This breakout will also provide tips on how to have healthy relationships and communication between worship teams and technical teams.


Instructors: John Orozco and Trisha Madsen

Location: Anthem Classroom

Being a leader in worship ministry entails much more than singing a song, playing an instrument, or pushing a fader. Leadership requires vision, people skills, organization, time management, and more. Basically, leadership is hard work. This breakout will teach you some of the fundamentals that leaders live by, and how to keep your joy in the midst of it. We’ll cover some best practices for recruiting, auditioning, scheduling, rehearsing, and creating healthy teams that people love serving on.


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