Here's a list of our complete curriculum. In addition to the courses below, we will have workshops which are intensive 1 or 2 day events where students will focus in on a specific area of worship ministry, and be given tools and disciplines that will help them grow in that area. 

Music Theory / Ear Training I & II

Pitch. Rhythm. Scales. Intervals. Chords. Harmony.

If you're serious about music, and want to maximize your potential, these are fundamental concepts you need to understand and master. Students will study scales, modes, melody, phrase, cadence, intervals, primary and secondary chords, and inversions. Students will apply what they learn to their week to week leadership opportunities, making the theory as practical as possible. The course includes ear training, simple keyboard harmony, and basic chord charting. This two semester class will give you the foundation needed to become highly effective in worship ministry. The theoretical aspects will also be accompanied by the practical development of ear training.  


The Greatest Story

Biblical Narrative Overview

The focus of this class will be around Zondervan’s The Story which is an abridged, chronological Bible that reads like a novel.  There are no verse references, and Scripture segments are seamlessly woven together with transition text into a single grand narrative.  The Story will help students understand God’s Word more fully and comprehend the overarching story line to better see how the parts of Scripture all fit together in a collective whole.



Living like Jesus / Loving like Jesus

So what does it mean to be a follower of Christ?  Are you a passionate, devoted and replicating disciple of Jesus?  Luke 6:40 says that when a student is fully trained he/she will become like the teacher.  Scripture seems to point to three core expressions of following Jesus: to love God completely, love our neighbor compassionately, and to love others as Jesus loved.  Themes will be explored in depth and will also be accompanied by specific skills like bible study, spiritual disciplines, and contemplative practices.  Students will get a firm grasp of these concepts and key ways to help disciple others in this way.


Private Lessons

Students will be given individual instruction to help develop their proficiency in their voice or primary instrument.  They will also be given opportunities to take beginning lessons in a secondary instrument if desired to help give them a broader understanding of how how other instruments function in a worship context.


Band Experience

Students will learn to sharpen essential performance skills and techniques and gain a diverse group-playing experience.  Ensembles will be assembled by skill levels and given opportunity to work on playing together as a band, listening to each other, building arrangements, exploring different grooves and feels, and learning each instrument’s place in the sonic spectrum. Students will audition to participate in an ensemble during each school term.



Leadership is not a magical trait reserved for the super elite, but can be learned and developed.  Learning to develop yourself and develop others is essential to your effectiveness in worship ministry, and your life.  This course will provide the foundation for leadership development – the disciplines, principles, and practical tips.  Students will not only have a personal plan for growth but will be able to lead others, build and develop teams, and overcome fear and insecurity in the process.  A personal assessment for each student will be included.  As part of the leadership course, students will have the opportunity to participate in WestGate leadership meetings, including teaching team meetings and weekend service preview meetings.

Personal Assessment for each student includes:

  • Strengthfinders
  • Myers Briggs
  • DISC Test
  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment


Worship Foundations

This course will provide a solid Biblical framework for worship, including worship definitions and expressions in both the Old and New Testaments.   We see our worship as a response to God’s revelation, so this course will also delve into the attributes of God.  Students will learn the major worship trends throughout church history as well as the current landscape, and be able to articulate their own philosophy of worship.


Art of Worship Leading I & II

This course provides the student with the essential “how to’s” of worship leading.  We will cover elements such as song selection, choosing keys, creating flow in a set list, musical and thematic transitions, and how to effectively practice as well as rehearse.

Students will also learn the art of guiding or shepherding people through a worship encounter, including effective communication, prayer, scripture reading, and how to hear the prompts of the Holy Spirit and follow His lead.  Included in this course will also be lessons on how to work effectively with your senior leadership.


Worship Lab               

The worship lab creates the opportunity for students to grow quickly in their worship leading skills through hands on live experiences and evaluation. Students will lead in a live setting while being filmed. Peers and instructors will observe as well as watch the video and give helpful evaluation and critique.


Small Group Experience                  

Students of Anthem will journey together as a community, meeting weekly for prayer, support, and processing how God may be speaking, leading, and growing them.  This experience will be led by a seasoned worship leader who will encourage, challenge, and help them in their personal growth.  We believe discipleship happens best in community, and so this weekly gathering is an essential element of each student’s development.