Anthem Workshops are designed to encourage and equip you and your worship teams to impact the people you serve each week.  These 5-hour intensives are practical, interactive, and will strengthen your gifts and passion for worship ministry.  


Songwriting Workshop

A workshop that provides inspiration and foundation for writing effective worship songs, including tricks and tips from the best songwriters around the world.  Students will study and implement the essential ingredients of great songs into their own practice and experimentation, including tricks and tips from the best songwriters around the world.   

Technology Workshop

Good sound is an essential element to creating effective worship environments.  This workshop is a lab-based experience where students have hands-on, practical learning in the area of production arts commonly used in modern worship: sound, lighting, ProPresenter and Ableton Live.  You'll also learn how to achieve a great mix for both the room and musicians, as well as gain tips on how to have healthy relationships and communication between worship teams and technical teams.


Need help recruiting and building healthy, thriving worship teams?  This workshop helps to give leaders the tools they need to recruit and build healthy, thriving worship teams.  You will focus on how to develop yourself and the people you lead with disciplines, principles, and practical tips. Students will not only learn how to develop a personal plan for growth, but will learn best practices to lead others, build and develop teams, and overcome fear and insecurity in the process.